Cost of Roof Restoration in Brisbane: Insights into Pricing and Factors Affecting Cost

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Roof restoration is an essential consideration for homeowners in Brisbane and the South Eastern Queensland area. Our area is somewhat frequently exposed to extreme weather conditions that can expedite the wear and tear on roofs. Often the true state of a roof and its problems are not known until heavy-wind driven rains hit and show up all the leak points on a poorly maintained roof. The cost of restoring a roof in Brisbane and the South East Queensland region is influenced by several factors including the size of the roof, height of the roof, pitch of the roof and roof tile type. All these factors affect the overall complexity of the work required, and the resulting labour involved.

Understanding the current market rates and obtaining multiple quotes from reputable Brisbane roof restoration providers can help Brisbane residents make informed decisions.

Overview of Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is the process of improving and restoring an original roof surface back to its former glory. It ensures the performance of a roof both aesthetically and in functionality is returned to that of a new equivalent roof. Most roof restorations are performed on a tile roof and there are several distinct steps undertaken by the roof restorers when carrying our a restoration on this type of roof:

Roof Cleaning

In this stage, the roof is pressure cleaned with high-pressure cleaners. A pressure of 3000 – 4000 psi is generally optimal for ensuring all layers of built up grime lichen moss and original concrete tile glaze have been removed from the tile. After the completion of this stage the roof may appear to be a raw clean concrete and not retain much of its original colour. This is actually an ideal scenario as the cleaner the roof the better it will bond with the following pointing and priming stages.

Roof Pointing

Now, with a perfectly clean roof surface the pointing can be restored and bond well to the clean substrate of concrete roof tiles. Modern pointing is polymer based and can flex. It does not require weep holes by law. This is in vast contrast to the sand and cement based roof pointing mediums that really came to an end around 15 years ago with the release of polymer based roof pointing compounds. One of the best pointing compounds on the market supplied to the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas is Roof Bond.

Roof rectification

At this stage all defects and imperfections are rectified in the roof. Broken and chipped tiles are replaced, valley gutters resealed if need be. Any flashing work that may be required is also done in this stage.

Roof Coating

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The final stage of the roof restoration process is the coating stage. The coating is applied by means of an industrial airless paint machine. The machines are capable of hi flow volumes of paint. The coating is applied in 3 stages. The first coat being a primer and the following two being a colour coat. Its essential for the overall out come of the roof restoration job that the coating be applied liberally. As heavy as possible but avoiding any runs down the roof is the optimal thickness of the coating. Following the final coat the roof surface of concrete tiles will now be fully sealed and no longer porous. Any rain water hitting the roof will now find an impenetrable impervious surface and simply run down the roof like water off a ducks back.

Significance of Roof Restoration

In Brisbane, roof restoration plays a significant role in protecting homes against harsh weather, including intense sun, heavy rain, and occasional hail storms. It helps in preventing leaks, improving energy efficiency, and prolonging the roof’s lifespan. Regularly restored roofs contribute to a building’s overall safety and can prevent costly repairs in the future. With the frequency of significant storm in the south eastern Queensland area during the summer months it can be very beneficial to keep a roof storm ready rather than finding out all its leak points in the next significant rain event.

Types of Roof Restoration in Brisbane and SEQ

Brisbane’s residential landscape features a diverse array of roof types. The most commonly found include:

  • Metal Roofs: Colorbond or Zincalume, these are favoured for their durability and resistance to extreme weather. A restoration can be done on most types of metal or Colorbond roof. As long as the metal substrate is still in good condition and no visible rust can be seen on the surface of the sheet the finish is often very good and can make an older roof look brand new and extend its life span.
  • Concrete Tiled Roofs: The most common of all restorations, concrete tiled roofs benefit significantly in every way following a roof restoration. Concrete tiled roofs are the most common roof medium in Australia especially Brisbane and the South Eastern Queensland region.
  • Terracotta Tiled roofs: Terracotta tiled roofs differ in restoration method from concrete as they really can’t be coated or painted. The method of restoration is simply to pressure clean to remove all moss and dirt and repoint the cap tiles. The benefit of Terracotta being a natural product is that the tile itself will never fade. Terracotta must always be checked for fretting and brittleness however. Especially common in older roof and roofs with higher salt contact in the air. In these cases a roof replacement may be a more viable option.

Cost Factors for Roof Restoration

The cost of roof restoration in Brisbane is influenced by several key factors.

Roof size obviously has an impact. Like many other building elements the size of a roof has a significant linear effect on the price of restoration. Typically a roof of double the size to the next will be close to double the price.

Roof pitch is the next most significant factor in determining the cost of a roof restoration. The labour time taken to undertake a roof restoration increases significantly in line with the roof pitch. For example a roof with a standard 22 degrees pitch may only take 4 – 5 man days to complete a roof restoration where as a 30 degree pitch roof of the same size may 6 – 7 man days and a roof with a 35 degree pitch could take 10 man days due to harnesses having to be used and slowing the roof restoration process.

Current state of the roof. A roof that is older than 30 years and may have never undergone any roof restoration or maintenance will be in a poor condition and may have more items requiring rectification. The roof paint may be starting to flake off and the number of broken tiles could be significant. All these factors increase the cost of roof restoration.

Average Pricing Guide

When considering roof restoration in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South Eastern Queensland, Roof Restoration Prices are all quite similar.

Basic Restoration Costs

Single Storey Roof Restoration

For a single Storey concrete tiled roof restoration to an average sized Queensland home of 4 bedrooms with a roof area of around 250 sqm and a standard roof pitch of around 22 degrees, Homeowners should expect to pay between $6000 and $7000+GST. This assumes no significant problems with the roof and assumes not much more than twenty broken tiles. The scope of work covered would be high pressure cleaning, repointing with flexible pointing compound, changing broken tiles and recoating the roof with three generous coats of a high quality roof membrane.

Double Storey Restoration

The scope of work for a double storey can be considered the same as that of the single storey equivalent. Most roof restoration companies opt for temporary scaffold handrail rather than harnesses when restoring a two storey roof. This increases the cost and the other cause for increased cost is the fact that all processes of the restoration will be performed a bit slower and with additional labour cost due to the increased height. The price guide for a double storey house roof restoration in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South Eastern Queensland is $8000 – $11000+GST.

Comprehensive Restoration Estimates

A comprehensive roof restoration estimate can be requested via our All Roof Restoration Gold Coast website. We are generally able to email you a fixed price quotation after using our advanced software tools to inspect and measure your roof.

Warranty and Service Guarantees

A reputable provider will offer a warranty on both materials and labour. Ensure this information is provided in writing and includes detailed terms and conditions. Look for guarantees that promise to fix any issues within a specific timeframe post-restoration.

Timelines for Roof Restoration

The timeline for roof restoration in Brisbane generally varies depending on the extent of work required and the size of the roof. Typically, a thorough roof restoration can take anywhere from two to five days and is heavily dependent on weather. Often the winter period in South Eastern Queensland can be the best time to get a roof restoration done. The lack of extreme heat and lack of overcast days make it an ideal time to have a roof restoration done and often undertaken faster than dodging rain showers during a sub-tropical summer.


Roof restoration costs in Brisbane and South Eastern Queensland can vary. Using a square metre rate will only ever be a rough guide. Prices typically range from $25 to $35 per square metre. The price can vary depending on the factors mentioned above.
Roof restoration is often less expensive than a full roof replacement and can be completed faster. It can extend the life of the existing roof, improve aesthetic appeal, and potentially increase property value. If the roof is in a reasonable condition to start with a roof restoration can deliver the home owner better value than spending tens of thousands of dollars with a replacement.
Roof restoration is recommended every 10 to 15 years to maintain the integrity and appearance of the roof. This timeframe can change based on the local climate and the condition of the roofing materials.

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