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Looking for quality roof painting services in Gold Coast? Look no further! Our team specialises in roof painting and we take pride in doing it exceptionally well. Unlike other companies that offer a range of services, we focus solely on roof painting. This means we’re fully dedicated to delivering outstanding results that meet your expectations. We don’t have pushy salespeople or hidden fees – just honest and reliable service. For the best roof painting experience in Gold Coast, enquiry today for a free quote!

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Gold Coast House Roof Painting


With so many concrete tiled roofs in the Gold Coast and Queensland in general it important to keep up the maintenance and appearance of your roof. Undertaking roof painting on a concrete tiled roof every 10 – 15 years significantly prolongs the serviceable life of the tiles as it means the tile itself never becomes porous. Without roof painting a concrete tiled roof can be absorbing water with each and every rain event and this weakens the tile over time. Other obvious bonuses being massively increased street appear and the option to change colour regardless of original tile colour.


Every finished roof painting job completed by us in the Gold Coast comes with an additional warranty from Dulux. Being a certified Dulux applicator we are able to pass on this fantastic warranty from Dulux, the industry leader in Roof Paint and membranes in Australia.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is done with high pressure water only. We don’t use any chemicals or acids here as they are not needed when using such high pressure. We removed all ingrained dirt and lichen and aim to bring the tile back to a roar concrete surface, ready for priming.

Roof Repairs

All chipped and cracked concrete roof tiles are replaced at this stage. Any broken timber battens are also replaced. Any bedding requiring repair or replacement is also done at this stage.


We use the best quality highly flexible roof painting on the market. Unlike pointing of yesteryear that just consisted of sand and cement. The modern polymer based pointing compounds flex with small movements in the roof rather than crack.

Roof Coating

The most important and final part of the roof painting process is the application of the colour coats. We only use the best high building primer from Dulux Acratex. The cost of the high build primer is higher than the standard clear primer but is well worth the extra expense as the roof prime is stronger and deeper and really allows the following colour coats to sit on top rather than be absorbed into the tile. The finished result after two further generous of Colour coat are applied speak for them self. The roof surface is left shiny and glossy and is no longer porous.

WHY USE US for Roof Painting IN Gold Coast

Not a Franchised Business

We are a small business ran by real tradesmen with years of roof painting experience. We are based on the Gold Coast and service a large area of south eastern Queensland.

We don’t have sales people

We are experts in Tile Roof Painting and nothing else. Unlike the big companies we don’t have sales people and we don’t use sales tactics. We give real up front candid advice.

Top Quality Materials

For all our Gold Coast Roof Painting projects we only use roof coating products from the two industry leaders. Dulux has been around for decades and invested more than anyone in the roof coating space, their product is excellent and comes with great warranties. For our clients that want just as good a product by Locally made in Queensland we can offer Shield Coat. Made right here in South Eastern Queensland the Shield Coat product is one of the best on the market and benefits our local economy with every sale.

$100 Deposit

Many Gold Coast Roof Painting businesses charge a heft deposit by way of a percentage of the quoted price to lock people in. We don’t believe that’s fair as it puts the initial risk in the balance of the customer. To accept our Roof Painting Quote is easy, we charge just $100 deposit with the rest being payable on day of completion.

Online Estimates

Give us a call or send an enquiry. With the use of the latest aerial imagery we can give you an accurate estimate of what Roof Painting for your Gold Coast property may cost.


Yes the winter months in the Gold Coast are actually ideal for tile roof painting. The sunny days and mild weather is actually perfect for getting roof painting work done. The reduced rain days of the Queensland winter also mean that getting a job completed may be a little faster.

Yes it certainly can. Probably half of all the jobs we undertake are previously painted roofs. We aim to remove as much of the old coating as possible and use the high build primer which really benefits a previously painted roof. The Dulux 15 year warranty does not apply in this case but we issue a 5 year warranty directly. When re-painted correctly the coating will last and perform just as good as a never painted before roof.

For an average single story Gold Coast home the duration of roof painting work is usually spread over 1 week. Double story roof painting projects can take a little longer as they require safety handrails installed before the roof painting work commences.

This is always hard to say as every house and therefore every roof is a different size and type. For a more comprehensive answer and information to this, just check our blog post on the cost of roof painting restoration.

Unfortunately No. Terracotta is a natural clay material and is unable to be successfully painted. The primer and membrane do not bond well to the Terracotta surface. Dulux and other roof paint manufacturers do not supply a warranty for Terracotta Tile Roof painting.

Yes certainly is. Our licence can be searched on the QBCC Website.

  • Yes we offer finance via Handy Pay. A link to the finance application is on our website. Just follow the prompts after clicking in the Handypay link. The application is quite quick and Handy Pay will advise us once the finance for the roof painting job has been approved.

Yes we offer top quality heat reflective paint options from both Dulux and the locally QLD made Shield Coat. Both products perform extremely well in our Gold Coast environment. For more information check our blog on Heat Reflective Roof Paint

We service all of the gold coast, from the boarder at Coolangatta right up to southern Brisbane and beyond.

In most situations we are actually able to send you a formal quote for roof painting just from online imagery. Our Near Maps subscription allows us to Inspect and measure your roof to a high detail. This information combined with years of experience allows us to quote your roof painting job fast.

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